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Do you want to work with us as a model? It’s very easy, just follow these few steps. Start from reading the guide below. You can also read opinions from models who’ve had an opportunity to work with us.

Who are we looking for?

Professionals and amateurs of various ages, sexes and nationalities, who want to collaborate with us.

What should you know about our work?

One of the most frequently asked questions by models is "how will be the photos of me be used?". We will try to explain it as simply as possible.
As it has already been mentioned above, we provide photos for stocks, ie photo banks: Istock and Getty Images. Here, in turn, the photos are purchased by advertising agencies, websites, publishing houses, etc. Photographs purchased from the aforementioned stock can then be used by them in their projects, of course, while complying to the terms of the license. If you are interested in the content of the license, please click this link:

It is very often the case that the content of the photo defines how it is used. That is why in our work we focus on safe topics, avoiding those that are irritating and ambiguous.

Therefore, when cooperating with us, you should know that you can find your photo on a billboard, in a newspaper, on a leaflet, in an internet advertisement or on the cover of a book.

So if you can find your photo somewhere, share it with us. It's always a nice surprise for us :). Often, we do not know where our picture will appear.


The salary for the day of the photo is set with the models individually via e-mails or by phone along with the presentation of the topics of the session. It does not include future shares in profits from sales.

We use two types of payments:

  • cash on the day of the session,
  • bank transfer to the account indicated by the model up to three days from the day of the session.

In addition, models receive from us the session’s photos that they can use in their portfolio.

The shooting day usually lasts from 8 to 10 hours. We always provide catering.


Before the session, we sign two agreements with the Models:

  • contract for the specific work,
  • permission to use the image, the so-called Model Release. Due to the fact that Istock and Getty Images are foreign stock, the consent is in English. The permission to use the image is unlimited and covers all fields of exploitation.

It is very important for us to receive the following from you at least 10 days before the session:

- confirmation that you understand and accept the terms of the agreement and consent to the use of your image,
-  your information necessary for the contract,
- indication of your preferred method of payment of the remuneration (whether it be cash or via bank transfer, in which case we require your bank account number),
- three current photos: the whole silhouette, a portrait without makeup, a portrait with a full smile.

How should models prepare before shooting with us?

At each of our sessions is a makeup artist who deals with makeup and hair. Also, we usually have a stylist. However, we often ask models to take some of their clothes. In case we need you to bring some of your own clothes, one of our team members will contact you about 4 days before the date of shooting.

We want the session to run smoothly, without unnecessary complications, and most importantly to have nice and friendly atmosphere.
You can help us with this :)

How? By fulfilling the following conditions:

- arrive punctually at the designated location,
- have freshly washed hair and well-groomed hands,
- have a clean face, without makeup,
- have clean nails, without nail polish of unnatural colors, (you can have french manicure or natural color nail polish),
- neat eyebrows (make-up artist does not pluck eyebrows during the session),
- your appearance in accordance with the photo sent earlier (if in the meantime there are any problems, e.g. skin problems, please let us know before the session),
- girls should have their own underwear in natural color without lace,
- if you bring your clothes/shoes, they can not have: logos, prints, graphics, company logos, etc.

It would also be nice if you did not plan a session with us if you know that the day before you will work or have fun until late at night. We like to cooperate with people who are well-rested and full of energy. Anyway, you probably do too!

We hope that this article will answer your questions and explain the terms of cooperation with us. If you want to work with us or have any additional questions, please contact us.

You can put a link to your portfolio in the body of your message.